Forget Fear! - Do Not Kill!

This local and not colonial approach is called Cennan (not Israel or Palestine), to avoid permanent ethical conflicts, while still being related with the area in its very ancient times. It is a proposal about, while being a propose for, all the 12 million people living between the river and the sea - A federal democratic state having only one currency, army or police, with full separation between religion and state:

  • Each of its canton is individually responsible over its migration laws, while
  • Jerusalem is made from several cantons, like berlin in its time, each is connected with other religious communities.

i am one of the Canaanites, and you? Are you pro Canaanites? please comment.

  • Forget Fear! Do not kill (death can apply only for people, not for states), but instead restructure the one state solution, from being israel based on declaration of state (no constitution yet) of which reason of existance is being home for jewish people, to become Canaan based on fully democratic constitution separating all ethnic characteristic, such as national, religious, and race from any authoritative measures of the state and from any privileges in that state.
    • And yes, this should also be added: the right of return of the palestine to that cannan land.
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